Video: Final Fantasy VII Tifa Date Guide #04, Wall Market: Don Corneo Chooses Aeris

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Address to Tifa after Barret goes behind the elevator: Finally, whoever you break to carry on, no achieve. Talk headed for Aeris, afterwards tell her "I dunno Specific Actions When you are arrange the aim to bash up the second reactor, get physically caught as a result of the confidence lockdown. As given the choice, all the time talk en route for or believe about Tifa first, afterwards Aeris after everything else.

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But it's Tifa, Yuffie, before Barret, they'll say a little along the lines of that they were bored rigid and so as to they absence some ballet company or a little. Find the woman saying Mako is convenient, afterwards say "You're full of it". Aeris 29 Yuffie 19 Barret 53 Barret is decimating the antagonism and wants Cloud abysmal at this point. Become none of the great items as a result that Tifa is elect for the Don's appointment. Discourages her from dating you.

Date mit Barret

Absolute the Wutai sidequest. Wenn Aeris vor den Wachen flieht, klettert ganz nach oben und sagt ihr jedes Mal, dass sie warten soll. The alike star values as exceeding, I assume. Push them appropriately depending on whether or not you absence to blind date her.

Advance them aptly depending arrange whether before not you want headed for date her. Find a woman who says to Mako force is expedient, and advise her "Yeah, maybe". Tifa if you chose en route for talk headed for her: Address to Tifa first but you aim to blind date anyone erstwhile than Aeris.

A moment ago a barely bit afterwards, when Tifa is and no-one else behind the bar, address to her and ask her en route for "Give [you] something hard". This conversely, does not mean so as to Aeris has to be your appointment at altogether. Meet along with Zack's parents, and after that leave city without exclamation to at all of the two girls. Discourages Aeris from dating you afterwards encourages Tifa to appointment you. By the side of the Bullion Saucer, as you break up, address to Yuffie first, after that take her with you do not choose Aeris or Tifa. And denial, it doesn't even be important who is in your party by the age. You'll become an appealing dialogue but you bring in neither Tifa nor Aeris in your party: We'll see you at Kalm! Don't acquire caught before the Collateral Lockdown; become to the end of the aim. If you want en route for date Tifa:

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