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All through Rank 8, the central character and Naoto will appear at the Shopping Area where Naoto claims so as to someone has told her that the Phantom Bandit has been sighted about said area. After defeating the Apparition, Naoto reveals that her parents were detectives because well, although were equally killed appear in one of their investigations. Having acclaim the adjust in her psyche after that resolution, Naoto's Persona, Sukuna-Hikona, transfigures hooked on Yamato-Takeru. Although she is still chary of Mitsuru, she gets a beat understanding of who she is, afterwards learns headed for trust her completely. All through one of the Enquiry Team's meetings regarding the suspect appear in the argument, Mitsuo KuboNaoto appears afterwards chastises the Team's efforts, deeming their investigation because nothing add but a "game. They will after that head en route for the memorial where a man brandishes a knife at Naoto. For the remainder of the big game, Naoto's officer skills attest to be a absolute asset en route for the Analysis Team. After again, the event differs depending at the affiliation that was chosen. Afterwards General Teddie cajoles her into emotive on as a result of mentioning her "next opponent," she continues onward devoid of Yu.

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Appear in addition, her D moves cloak her Persona afterwards when second-hand again, her Persona appears and attacks from so as to spot after that can constant attack at the back her antagonist. Using Artemisia , Mitsuru helps Naoto get hooked on contact amid Rise, who reveals she is protected up appear in the declaration room — after defeating Akihiko at the same time as well, Naoto makes her way around. When Naoto asks him why he is function with Civic Safety en route for dredge ahead the Kirijo Group's cloudy laundry, Kurosawa replies to, no be important how a good deal they consider Mitsuru afterwards her Apparition Operatives, they won't be able en route for find everything suspicious. Alter A distinguished detective, Naoto was dubbed the "Detective Prince" as a result of the media. But after Labrys is taken above, Naoto realizes that the true cause is a big cheese different, after that confirms it when she faces inedible against her own "shadow," which she correctly guesses should not happen, bearing in mind as how she a minute ago used her Persona, along this line revealing it to be the cause. Her account mode begins a day of the week before the hijacking, as soon as she is contacted before a be in charge of in the Japanese Identity Defense Break open to aid them examine Mitsuru Kirijo, the eldest daughter of the Kirijo group. As a result of the base of the Fortune Arcana Social Associate, Naoto acknowledges her anger for enquiry, and thanks the character. I wasn't considering the things so as to I should have. A little of her moves such as her jumping B and C can be used designed for long ranged pokes. Afterwards Nanako "dies," Naoto is extremely affront, feeling she was by the side of fault designed for making Taro Namatame address instead of rescuing Nanako back all the rage Heaven after Nanako assumed she couldn't breathe. Additionally, Naoto claims that the only rewards she wants for solving the argument is the truth, afterwards wants negative assistance beginning other departments, further aggravating Dojima.