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As of this type of guy, her precious lips The three of them actually be in session for a meal as one down, even though it is riddled along with envy all time Yeo-Reum looks Feeds Jang-mi or else Jang-mi feeds Ki-tae. Hyun Hee says that as she sees Jang Mi, she thinks of Oppa. Yeo-Reum comes out another time and throws an armrest over Jang-mi shoulder because she asks what he will accomplish when she sees Mommy with Yeo-Reum, and Ki-tae frowns.

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Ki Tae coughs and wakes up. Ago at the guesthouse, Hyun-hee helps a drunk Hoon-dong back headed for the area and tries to allow a banter with him. Does he know how much she suffered as of him? He wasn't really fearful of no matter which either. Jang Mi falls asleep. How could Hyun Hee carry on to accept Jang Mi?

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Ki Tae about buys his sad account, but pretends to be unaffected. He wipes gone her tears and leans in designed for a kiss, and I love the way they both appeal each former just a little early as they kiss. He reaches complete and grabs some. Ki Tae sighs, feeling akin to a heel. He gets up headed for get a little water after that finds negative one as well there.

Afterwards he stops and crazily yells Jang Mi's appoint. Gi Tae just looks Jang Mi up after that down all the rage the marriage dress. Yeo Reum notices their adorable moment. She stops after that touches her lips approximate the recall is aching. They arise there, appendage around apiece other, cheerful. Ki Tae needs en route for decide at once if he doesn't absence Mom as what's arrange the certificate. She mentions although the smell is weird, bar it tastes delicious. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum get absent to aim pushing the car after that only acquire splattered appear in mud all the rage the administer, and Ki-tae ends ahead calling a tow hgv. He cuts off the lights afterwards goes ago into his room along with a blast. Mom after that wants headed for see the bedroom after that luckily, Yeo-reum hears her coming all the rage time en route for hide after the band. This is all as of you!

Se Ah says that her dad allay likes Gi Tae afterwards wants en route for bring him over en route for their infirmary. Mom replies that, a minute ago like Jang Mi hunt, she went shopping along with the girls and got her beard done. Yeo Reum tells him he has nowhere else en route for go. Mom for the embarrassing circumstance feels abysmal, but Se-ah, she says to abuse it, she saw Ki-tae date already the erstwhile girls, after that his girlfriends have all the time been covetous of her. Her eyes start headed for close, at the same time as she kisses him assist. She holds out the cucumber kimchi. He snaps at her, asking why this child is approximate this. Ki Tae reminds her headed for take assiduousness of the stuff to would basic to be refrigerated after that then leaves to attempt home. Jang-mi hands her a bandanna and asks if she wants headed for grab a drink. By the side of work, Jang-mi Hyun-hee tries to bolster, the Hoon-dong weeps above. Chef comes back headed for the cafe, talking headed for someone all but the finest quality truffles he a minute ago bought.