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I have scans every a small number of weeks accordingly it bidding probably adhere to on changing. She was totally fixed and didn't say they was at all room designed for error - even as I started giving TMI about barely having had sex arrange two nights since july 18th! This is as the fetus is developing so abruptly that at hand is a big alteration in bulk from week to week. Thx in favour of the response!! For case in point if you do not know as the basic day of your carry on period, or else the apt day of conception was have had irregular periods have had an abnormal cycle for the reason that you a short time ago stopped the oral contraceptive pill, or else you a short time ago had a miscarriage, or else you are breast-feeding had some implant bleeding which can be been baffled with your last cycle date Can you repeat that? can be seen? How accurate is the ultrasound examination? I don't appreciate what headed for believe for the reason that my periods were available of wack. I attention I'd had a cycle towards the end of July although they reckoned that be obliged to have been implantation. Is there at any rate the ultrasound can appointment it wrong?


can dating ultrasounds be wrong